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  • Michelle Dauphinais Echols, Esq.

Native Sun News Today: Sisters Share Story of Abuse at Indian School

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11 gen 2022

The idea that so many perpetrators are in these powerful positions disgusts me but it is so understandable. We as children look to adults for protection, guidance, and often admire who they are and what they are to stand for. I can imagine these beautiful, innocent little girls and the fear they ultimately faced. When I think I have heard it all...another story is revealed. I am a therapist and have spent many years listening to similar stories and am wondering how it can continue. But you know it is about connection, trust, education, and encouraging our children to use their voice. Every child needs at least one person they can go to for comfort, to talk to an…

Mi piace

25 apr 2021

Reading about this injustice to the native communities and their children by those who should be caring, educating, trusted officials is disheartening. The trauma of the acts sustained is lasting for generations.

Mi piace

22 apr 2021

This story is so disheartening and difficult to read. These poor children and the lack of support they had is so sad. I wish a staff member at this school would have stepped in and reported it so these children could get the help they needed. It is very difficult to make this information public so I find it very selfless of them to share their stories and their trauma to allow others to learn from their experience and help others who may be going through or have gone through sexual abuse.

-Ali m.

Mi piace

22 apr 2021

I was so sadden to read this article. These girls went through so much abuse at a young age and for a long time. Going to a place where you are to learn and talk about God should be a safe place. It was surprised to hear that they just started talking about their stories since their parents had passed away but understand that I as well would not want my parents to know all the trauma that happened since they might feel that guilt, but I am glad that they were finally able to talk about their experiences.

Alycia P.

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22 apr 2021

This is such a tragic situation. It is heartbreaking. I can't imagine how this has impacted the sisters lives- mentally, emotionally, physical, spiritually. Individuals should not have to go through abuse such as this- especially children. My heart goes out to the sisters; I hope they find peace in sharing their story and spreading awareness.

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